It snowed before winter even officially began. (Remember the first snow day? Dec. 5.) It snowed on Christmas Eve, giving us the rarest and most magical of December surprises: a white Christmas! It snowed some in January, but not much. And that was okay, because compared with the past few winters we already had enjoyed a bonanza of sledding, skiing, snowman-building and snowboarding.

Then came the big one, the Presidents' Day storm that kept us in our neighborhoods, if not in our houses, for the better part of a week. For some (parents), this winter was one of too much snow, too many snow days, too much cabin fever. For others (kids), it was heaven.

Today, on the last full day of winter, KidsPost says our goodbye with pictures of our readers reveling in the Winter of 2002-2003. We won't soon forget it!

-- Tracy Grant

1. Marika and Serena Emanuel, 9 and 6, drink hot chocolate in Centreville. 2. Devin Bowers, 11, Sterling, is heels over head in the snow. 3. Rachel Natoli, Nick Natoli, Daniel Harkaway and Rebecca Natoli blanket Hannah Harkaway with snow in Silver Spring. 4. Michael Malfesi, 11, courts danger in Rockville. 5. Jenny Mallette, 8, hooks up with a well-read snow family in Vienna. 6. Samuel Wallace, 8, of Colonial Beach, Virginia, has a portable snow creature. 7. Sarah Springmann, 8, and Rachel Springmann, 6, of Arlington. 8. Eliza Haverstock, 5, looks out an igloo window in Fairfax. 9. Jack O'Sullivan, 14, tunnels through Potomac. 10. Shaun Frances, 4, catches snow in Fairfax. 11. Katie Tangen, 9, has her mitts full of KidsPost in an igloo in Reston. 12. Max Steiner, 6, jokes around in D.C. 13. Corina Claggett has a big teddy bear in Triangle, Virginia. 14. Elliott and Wade Oakley, 11 and 9, with a patriotic pal in Arlington. 15. "Goodbye Winter" in Olney: Top, from left, Jack Vaughn, 15; Eric Conrad, 11; Sam Ojalvo, 10; and Jesse Bassich, 12. Ground level, from left, Acadia Keyes, 10; Kelly Flamand, 6; Patrick Vaughn, 11; Matthew Flamand, 9; Michael Flamand, 10; Ryan Bassich, 15; Megan Conrad, 7; and Dhara Patel, 7. 16. Andrew Shea, 11, is never bored in Burke. 17. Liz Betram, Zachary Perlman and Matt Blitz put the finishing touches on a fort in Arlington. 18. Catherine Braunlich, 10; Melissa Haberman, 11; Lindsay Reich, 12; Becca Haber, 9; and Rebecca Reed, 10, have a cozy spot in Alexandria. 19. Kay Martel, 13, has two pets: 4-year-old Pattidog and a day-old snowpup. 20. Adela, Rose and William Montgomery say goodbye with a big snowy friend in Arlington. 21. Sara, Rebecca and Nick Smith use their dog, Greta Garbo, to pull a sled in Mount Vernon. 22. Twelve-year-olds Alex Lutz, Kate Raulin and Maya Calabrese bring a tropical flavor to Silver Spring.