No Kidding: Computers Are For Kids

* Kids are logging on more than ever before.

A new study says that people under 17 now spend almost as much time at the computer as they do watching television. And Internet usage among minority and poor kids has increased hugely over the past two years.

But the study found that white kids, as well as those from richer families, are more likely to have fast Internet connections than poorer or minority children.

About 70 percent of poor families have computers, while 98 percent of richer families have them, the report found.

Both numbers show big increases from two years ago. Then, less than 50 percent of poor families had computers while about 90 percent of rich families had them, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting study found.

Kids spend much of their time at the computer playing games, but the report said kids also spend a lot of time doing homework on the computer.

Ew, We Have a Winner

* Holy stinking sneakers.

A 10-year-old boy from the Bronx, New York, has a $500 savings bond, all because he has rotten sneakers. Is this every 10-year-old's dream, or what?

Jeffry Soto took the top prize in the annual rotten sneaker competition in Montpelier, Vermont, with a mangled, gnarled and completely disgusting-looking (and smelly) entry.

But Jeffry isn't taking all the credit. He had some help from his pet pit bull.

"I had a fight with my dog," Jeffry said. "I was trying to get it away from him because he uses it as a chew toy."

This was the 28th year in a row the city has held the stinky contest, which started as a way to help a sporting goods store sell shoes.

-- From staff and wire reports

Jeffry Soto holds up his winning entry in the 28th annual Rotten Sneaker contest in Montpelier, Vermont.