Well, illustrator Mary GrandPre has done her work and so have you.

Last week, the cover of the new Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," was unveiled. You can compare what you'll be seeing in bookstores on June 21 with what KidsPost readers drew as part of our Harry Potter book jacket contest.

We had 174 entries (from as far away as Nevada and the country of Ukraine) and we've chosen 22 to appear on this page. If you don't see your work here, don't be discouraged. Starting in May, KidsPost will run a daily "countdown to Harry" feature that will have great cover art or great plot lines that KidsPost readers came up with as part of our contest.

Here are a couple of differences we noticed between GrandPre's book jacket and some of yours. (Remember, she got to read the book before she had to draw.)

* Where's the phoenix? Even though the book is called "Order of the Phoenix," there's no bird on GrandPre's cover. Many of you drew Fawkes as a big part of your cover. Is it possible that the Order of the Phoenix doesn't have anything to do with a bird?

* Where's the color? GrandPre's illustration uses shades of blue, black and white. She told KidsPost last month that she uses color to set the mood for the books. Many of you used the deep, rich colors that were part of the earlier books.

* Where is everyone else? Many of you featured other characters in your illustrations. And the earlier books all have had at least one other character on the cover (even "Sorcerer's Stone" has a unicorn). But for this, there's just Harry, his wand, candles being blown by the wind and open doors.

What does it all mean? "I kind of think of the book cover as a mysterious map. It's full of bits and pieces you'll find in the book," GrandPre said.

Only 88 days to wait.

-- Tracy Grant

1. Aimee Pangan, 12, Arlington. 2. Elizabeth Candido, 12, Alexandria. 3. Tina Nguyen, 12, Springfield. 4. Maya Handa, 8, Silver Spring. 5. Kriss Ivory, 14, Poolesville. 6. Eunju Park, 14, Fairfax. 7. Elizabeth Knight, 13, Ferguson, Missouri. 8. Aaron M. Webner, 13, Ashland, Ohio. 9. YeBin Kim, 10, Sterling. 10. Sierra Newcomb, 10, Leesburg. 11. Corinna Parisi, 12. 12. Dariya Glazatova, 16, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. 13. Elisabeth Bloxam, 10, Annandale. 14. Skye Horner, 9, Bethesda. 15. Josie Danziger, 7, New York. 16. Allyson Levine, 7, Arlington. 17. Nicholas Moses, 12, Silver Spring. 18. Sophia Zweig, 8, New York. 19. Kelsey Kanyuck, 9, Laurel. 20. Addison Powell, 14, Silver Spring. 21. Maria Kristina Sabino, 16, Fort Washington. 22. John Wren, 13, Fairfax.

The U.S. cover of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."