Two weeks ago, we published the first of a two-part test of several comic strips we're considering adding to the lineup. On Monday, we began the second week of testing. Readers often ask how we decide which comics to publish. There's no secret, backroom process. A diverse group of Post employees and their family members who love the comics volunteer to review new strips and rate them, based on content and illustrations. That committee seems to enjoy it so much that we decided to let our readers get in on the fun this time around.

Several brand-new strips have been launched in the last month or so, and there are a few others that we've been watching as well. Colleague Bob Levey was kind enough to donate his column space while he's on vacation this week so that we can show readers a different comic each day. To make room for a full week's worth of the test strip (not including Sunday), we have temporarily removed "Classic Peanuts," "Garfield" and "Frank and Ernest." Those strips will return to our pages Friday.

Today's offering is "La Cucaracha," by Lalo Alcaraz, launched late last year. The strip features average guy Eddie and his radical roommate, Cuco Rocha, and offers a sometimes pointed view of politics and life from a Latino perspective.

To vote on "La Cucaracha," call the automated PostHaste system at 202-334-9000 and enter 5620 as the four-digit code. Follow directions to cast your vote for today's comic. Or you may vote online by sending an e-mail to with the word "YES" or "NO" in the subject line. Please don't add any other comments in the subject line because those e-mails will not be tallied. And while we appreciate your enthusiasm, please limit voting to one ballot per person.

We'll report preliminary results for all of this week's test strips and final results from the week of March 10 in this space on Friday. Thanks for participating.