Tots on Up

"Piglet's Big Movie" (G, 75 minutes). Genial Disney animated Pooh adventure in which Piglet finds he's under-appreciated because he's little, until Pooh, Eeyore, Rabbit and Tigger can't find him one day and use his scrapbook for clues, while recalling his big deeds; inspired by stories from A.A. Milne's "The House at Pooh Corner," with songs by Carly Simon. Some fidgety stretches; little ones may be scared by swarming bees or sad when the gang can't find Piglet.

10 and Older

"Agent Cody Banks" (PG). Frankie Muniz in formulaic but amusing fantasy adventure as special teen "sleeper" agent trained by CIA; he must overcome shyness to befriend daughter (Hilary Duff) of scientist co-opted by evil cabal. Much mild sexual innuendo -- adult female CIA agent (Angie Harmon) in low-cut jumpsuits; toddler shown at risk in runaway car while Cody races to the rescue via skateboard; other chases, fights more high-tech and kung fu, less scary.


"Bend It Like Beckham." Fresh, charmingly observed British comedy about teen daughter of traditional Indian family in London who longs to play soccer (in Britain, called "football"), idolizes British star player David Beckham and sneaks out to practices, games with non-Indian pals, because her family deems it unladylike; predictable but invigorating film portrays her family fondly, without scorn. Mild sexual situation; occasional crude language.

"View From the Top." Gwyneth Paltrow as trailer park girl who follows dream of being flight attendant at top airline and finds friendship, love, turbulence in odd train wreck of a comedy that fails to blend twin threads of satire, sentimental romance; with Kelly Preston, Christina Applegate as friends, Mark Ruffalo as boyfriend, Candice Bergen as mentor. Muted sexual innuendo, including circumcision joke; mildly homophobic humor; occasional crude language.

"Bringing Down the House." Steve Martin as divorced tax lawyer, Queen Latifah as convict who tricks him into helping clear her name while she turns his life upside down in broad, sometimes funny comedy of race and class that missteps using timeworn African American stereotypes. Bawdy sexual innuendo; teen girl upset because a date tried to make her have sex; racial slurs, mild profanity; marijuana, drinking. 15 and older.


"Boat Trip." Cuba Gooding, Jr. and comic Horatio Sanz at sea in lewd boneheaded farce about straight buddies who find themselves on a gay cruise courtesy of a nasty travel agent, allowing Gooding's character to get close to ship's gorgeous dance instructor (Roselyn Sanchez) who thinks he's gay while Sanz's homophobic jerk learns gay men are human. Crude verbal, visual sexual innuendo; explicit comic sexual situations; topless women; every sexual stereotype imaginable. 17 and older.

"Dreamcatcher." Absorbing but long, disjointed psychological horror flick based on Stephen King novel, directed by Lawrence Kasdan with nice feel for characters; about four pals with psychic powers who go on hunting trip and encounter alien monsters and a secret government operation (led by Morgan Freeman) to kill them. Slug-like aliens with toothy maws invade human prey, exit via digestive tract; stylized death scenes, pools of blood; gross toilet humor/horror; crude profanity, sexual language. 16 and older.