While columnist Bob Levey was away this week and March 10-14, we used this space to ask readers to weigh in on several comic strips that we're thinking about adding to the daily lineup.

The final results from the week of March 10 are in. Because the total votes cast for each of the four strips ranged from more than 7,200 to about 4,400, we looked at total yes votes and the number voting yes as a percentage of the total votes cast for each strip. Both in terms of raw numbers and percentages, "The Other Coast" was a winner. More than 2,860 yes votes, 65 percent, were cast for this strip, which featured Toulose and Vicky, a mismatched couple with a skewed view of everyday life. The closest runner-up was "Zack Hill," about family life in a boardinghouse, with 2,287 yes votes, or 31 percent. "Bo Nanas" had 24 percent and "Housebroken" had 21 percent voting yes.

Now for this week's preliminary numbers.

To refresh your memory, the test strips published over the past four days were:

Monday: "Lucky Cow," by Mark Pett, about life in front of the counter, and behind it, in a fast-food restaurant.

Tuesday: "Get Fuzzy," by Darby Conley, about a single guy, his temperamental cat and his mild-mannered dog.

Wednesday: "La Cucaracha," by Lalo Alcaraz, featuring average guy Eddie and his radical roommate, Cuco Rocha, who view of politics and life from a Latino perspective.

Thursday: "Pardon My Planet," by Vic Lee, featuring Norris and Jesse Jane, a twenty-something couple, in a quirky look at relationships.

By press time Thursday, "Get Fuzzy" was leading, with more than 2,100 yes votes. However, with voting incomplete, "Pardon My Planet" was in the lead percentage-wise. About 69 percent of the votes counted so far for that strip were yes, compared with 53 percent for "Get Fuzzy." "Lucky Cow" had 35 percent and "La Cucaracha" was close behind, with 34 percent voting yes.

If you didn't get a chance to vote for these four strips during the week, you can still do so up until Monday at midnight by calling the automated Post-Haste system at 202-334-9000 and entering 5620 as the four-digit code. Follow directions to cast your vote. Or you may vote online by sending an e-mail with the word "YES" or "NO" as the subject line to the following addresses:





Please don't add any other comments in the subject line because those e-mails will not be tallied. And please limit voting to one ballot per person.

Then stay tuned. We'll announce the final results of this week's test on the comics pages next Friday, April 4.

Thanks for participating.

A day in the life of Adrian Raeside's "The Other Coast," top vote-getter in the comics competition.