For those of you planning to catch the premiere of Madonna's new antiwar video on VH1 this Friday, don't bother. She's shelved it. The pop star, who has been taking flak for weeks over the video for "American Life," the first single and title track to her new album, said on her Web site that she didn't want to risk offending anyone who might "misinterpret" the intended antiwar message of the video. The news comes after an interview taped Thursday for "Access Hollywood" in which Madonna reportedly defended editing scenes from the video and denied reports that her record label had pressured her to make the changes. The album is due in stores April 22 . . . Paul McCartney has been told to please keep the volume down during his upcoming concert in Rome, so as not to annoy the neighbors. Well, one 82-year-old neighbor in particular: Pope John Paul II. McCartney is scheduled to play a free three-hour concert May 11 outside the Roman Colosseum, a site near the Vatican, and tour organizers predict a huge turnout. Promoter Barrie Marshall said the request came from local tour organizers, not the Vatican: "We have been advised by Italian contacts that the show could keep His Holiness the Pope up all night." McCartney is said to be considering a more acoustic-style show, but no final decisions have been made . . . Meanwhile, McCartney, along with Avril Lavigne, David Bowie and Celine Dion will contribute material to a new album, "Peace Songs," that will benefit War Child Canada, a charity for young victims of war. The album is due April 15.

-- Compiled by K. Wilcox

with Web and wire reports