You asked for it and you got it! Beginning April 27, KidsPost

will be in the Sunday paper.

(Oh, and still in the Monday through Friday

papers too. Just don't ask about Saturday!)

We'll have some new, cool stuff for you to read. For example, we'll be giving you a "Book of the Week." We also might tell you about a good movie coming out that week or something fun to do around town. We'll test your brain (and your parents) with a crossword puzzle. And we'll give you a chart every week that will tell you a little bit about how you compare with other kids. (What percentage of kids have TVs in their room? How big is an average Iraqi family compared with an American one? What is the average allowance for 10-year-olds?)

Plus, we'll be looking for input from you. We'll be moving our birthday announcements to Sunday and we want lots of pictures of kids who are having birthdays during the week. (Digital pictures are preferred and we'll need all birthday announcements at least a week in advance.) We'll have a joke of the week, and we'd love to hear any funny ones you've heard lately.

So mark your calendar for April 27. And, remember, if you want to reach us you can send e-mail to or send regular mail to KidsPost, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071.