I read your column "Kids Talk About War" [March 21], and I couldn't help but notice that you printed seven letters, six of which were antiwar, and one that was undecided. I was expecting that this week you would print mostly pro-war letters [Mail Box: Kids Speak Out About War, March 28], but it was even, two and two. That makes eight anti-war vs. two pro-war. I don't think that it is right to publish them this unevenly. If you get so many more anti- than pro-war letters, print them evenly. Remember that 70 percent of the country supports the war.

-- Ezra Deutsch-Feldman, 15, Bethesda

Editor's note: We have received more antiwar letters than pro-war letters. We try to be very fair in printing letters that reflect what we hear kids saying.

I think that war in Iraq is horrible. Lots of innocent people have died. We have no right to go into Iraq. [President] Bush says that Saddam Hussein is connected to al Qaeda. But a lot of other people say there is no proof of this. . . . I'm not saying Saddam Hussein is good. He has hurt lots of people. Maybe we should have worked with people in the U.N. to get rid of him.

-- Ian Prum, 9, Charlottesville, Virginia

We are the children from fifth grade at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are writing to ask if you believe in peace the way we do. In spite of living with financial problems and having no security, we still believe that it is possible to build a better world. . . . We really hope the war will end soon.

-- Fifth-grade students, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are not going into Iraq because innocent people are getting hurt. It is some of that, but mostly because they have weapons of mass destruction that are a threat to us. We have told [Saddam Hussein] to get rid of them for 12 years but he still hasn't. He is an evil man.

-- Marybeth Butler, 13, Silver Spring

Saddam is killing innocent Iraqis. They did nothing wrong. I think that President Bush just wanted to protect Iraqis from him. I just think that Saddam is a horrible man.

-- Linda Li, 10, Washington

When this war started, I was a little bit scared and sad. . . . There will be a lot of killings like innocent children who don't have anything to do with this.

-- Leila Saba, 13, Sterling

(Leila is from Bolivia and is learning English as a second language.)

I feel sad because there are so many soldiers who will be injured during the war. . . . I feel sad for the families of the soldiers who are going to worry about the soldiers.

-- Jenny Wang, 13, Sterling

(Jenny is from China and is learning English as a second language.)