April 7-13, 2003

Monday 7

Birthdays Silver Sprin KidsPost reader Sean McGrogan (1994). Silver Spring KidsPost reader Gabriela Herrera (1993). McLean KidsPost reader Josie Latimer (1992). Actor Jackie Chan (1954). Jazz singer Billie Holiday (1915). Poet William Wordsworth (1770).

On This Date The metric system was adopted in France, where it was invented (1795). The spacecraft Odyssey was launched on a 286 million-mile trip to Mars (2001).

Today No Housework Day.

Tuesday 8

Birthdays Silver Spring KidsPost reader Alannah Hamstead (1994). U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan (1938).

On This Date The fire escape ladder was patented by African American inventor J.R. Winters (1879). The first 3-D movie made by a big studio, "Man In the Dark," opened in New York city (1953). Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth's record (1974).

Today Day of Vesak, a holiday commemorating the birth of the Buddha in 563 B.C. Children's Day in Florida.

Wednesday 9

Birthdays Chevy Chase KidsPost reader Reese Cassard (1993). Silver Spring KidsPost reader Caitlin McGrogan (1993). University Park KidsPost reader Emily Rhodes (1993). Actor-singer Paul Robeson (1898).

On This Date The Civil War ended when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia (1865). Congress passed a civil rights act over the veto of President Andrew Johnson, granting citizenship to everyone born in the United States (1866).

Today Thank You, School Librarian Day. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus moves to the D.C. Armory (2001 East Capitol St. SE; through April 21; 202-432-7328).

Thursday 10

Birthdays Darnestown KidsPost reader Molly Blewett (1993). Glenwood KidsPost reader Maura Cunningham (1993). Actor Haley Joel Osment (1988). First female presidential cabinet member Frances Perkins (1880). Pulitzer Prize creator Joseph Pulitzer (1847).

On This Date The safety pin was patented by Walter Hunt of New York (1849). Protestant and Catholic groups in Ireland signed a peace agreement, ending years of fighting (1998). KidsPost debuted in the Washington Post (2000).

Today National D.A.R.E. day. National Siblings Day.

Friday 11

Birthdays Fashion designer Oleg Cassini (1913).

On This Date President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, making housing discrimination illegal (1968).

Today The Ozark UFO Conference takes place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Saturday 12

Birthdays Bowie KidsPost reader Kevin Ocampos-Barry (1995). Rockville KidsPost reader Erin Frame (1991). Alexandria KidsPost reader Sarah Slichter (1993). Olney KidsPost reader Noah Meltzer (1992). Late night TV host David Letterman (1947). "Scrabble" inventor Alfred M. Butts (1899).

On This Date The first truancy law was enacted in New York city--a $50 fine for parents whose kids skip school (1853). The Civil War began when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, South Carolina (1861). The strongest winds ever recorded hit Mount Washington, New Hampshire--gusts reached 231 mph (1934).

Today Walk On Your Wild Side Day.

Sunday 13

Birthdays Bethesda KidsPost reader Todd Pollak (1994). Soul singer Al Green (1946). Third U.S. president Thomas Jefferson (1743).

On This Date The first elephant brought to the U.S. arrived in New York city from Bengal, India (1796). Tiger Woods won the Masters golf title for the first time (1997).

Today New Year's festival in Sri Lanka.


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