Here are some tips for talking with your parents about an allowance:

* Ask for a time to sit down and talk.

* Don't ask for more than your family can afford. Ted's mom can afford $20 a week but your parents might not be able to give you that much. Most kids get 50 cents to $1 for each year old they are. So, an 8-year-old might get $4 to $8.

* Ask to be paid on the same day every week so you and your parents can keep track of when you get your allowance.

* You will make your parents really happy if you show them your plan to save a certain amount of your allowance every week. A good goal is 10 to 20 percent. (So, if you get $10 a week, that would mean you should save $1 or $2 a week.) You also could give some of your money to charity. It's important to help others not as fortunate as you.

* Come up with a budget, which is a written plan of what you will do with your money every week.

* When you and your parents agree on all these things, you might want to write it all down on paper in an "allowance agreement."