March Madness continued to stumble but CBS won the week anyway, with nearly 40 percent more viewers than fourth-place ABC, which without Lisa Marie Presley and that Firestone heir would have had no shows in last week's Top 40.

Here's a look at the week's three-pointers and air balls:


Katie Couric. The most watched prime-time news program was not war coverage, nor Diane Sawyer's highly hyped interview with Lisa Marie Presley. It was Couric's Sunday special revealing the identity of the jogger raped in Central Park in 1989. More than 13 million tuned in.

"America's Most Talented Kid." With 11.2 million viewers, NBC's "American Idol" knockoff trampled CBS's "Star Search" (7.5 million) in their first head-to-head broadcast Friday at 8.

"The Bachelor." Though it faced direct competition from Fox's inflated voting-results-but-not-really episode of "American Idol," the third edition of ABC's exercise in wholesale female humiliation got off to a strong start Wednesday night, scoring bigger ratings than the previous two editions among 18-to-49-year-olds and various female demos. Yes, women love watching other women compete for a guy.

Diane Sawyer. Di's interview with Lisa Marie Presley copped 11.4 million viewers on "PrimeTime Thursday." That's its third-best number this season behind, ironically, the newsmag's special on Presley's second husband, Michael Jackson, that followed the broadcast of "Living With Michael Jackson" and, of course, its look into the wacky world of porn.


NCAA basketball. Saturday's tournament semifinals scored a nightly win for CBS, though the franchise continued its steep year-to-year decline. Saturday's first game, a blowout, averaged about 9.1 million viewers, compared with 14.4 million for the same game last year. The second game averaged 12.6 million, which compares poorly with last year's 18.5 million.

"Are You Hot?" ABC finally put this reality series out of our misery on Saturday night when it burned off the remaining two episodes. The first hour did so badly it got beaten among 18-to-49-year-olds by TLC's "Trading Spaces" in its time period.

"Frasier." Struggling to survive in NBC's Tuesday wasteland for some time now, "Frasier" is finally withering. Last week an original episode of the 10-year-old comedy actually was upset by an episode of ABC's bubba comedy "According to Jim" among the 18-to-49-year-olds NBC targets. Besides being so sad on so many levels, that's also the first time any sitcom has beaten an original "Frasier" episode in the demo since "Home Improvement" did it in March '98.

"Making of Fear Factor." Another cablesque number for a broadcast TV program -- 3.3 million viewers. NBC should have put this one on its newly acquired Bravo network, right before Bravo's telecast of the Very Special look at "Will & Grace" on "Inside the Actors Studio."

"The Shield." Michael Chiklis's Emmy win for best drama actor appears to have done nothing to boost viewership on this FX series. It wrapped its second season last Tuesday with 3.7 million viewers; its first-season finale nabbed more than 4 million.

Barbara Walters Special. Barbara Walters's pre-Oscar special suffered its smallest audience ever. Of course, it also did not air pre-Oscars. Walters's decision to pull the broadcast from ABC's Oscar Sunday package -- one of the most watched prime-time programs of any given year -- cost her special all but 8 million viewers.

The week's 10 most watched programs, in order: CBS's "CSI"; Fox's Tuesday "American Idol"; NBC's "Friends"; Fox's Wednesday "American Idol"; CBS's "Survivor: Amazon"; NBC's "ER"; CBS's "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "CSI: Miami"; and NBC's "Law & Order: SVU" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

Katie Couric's special on the Central Park jogger drew 13 million viewers.