Dear Heloise:

Recently at my grandson's birthday I saw this great hint in action. My son had to assemble a bicycle. After he opened the box, he put a piece of tape, sticky side out, alongside the box. I was trying to figure out why. Then as he began removing all the small parts, he stuck them onto the tape. This way, nothing was lost, and the assembly was done in no time.

Diane from Memphis

This would be a good hint to put into practice for any assembly job, no matter if it's toys or furniture!

Dear Heloise:

I just read today's paper regarding hints for sticky notes and thought I'd share one with you: When cleaning windows (or French doors), I put a sticky note on areas that I can't get clean because the dirt's on the other side of the glass.

Then when I go outside (or to the other side of the door), I can easily see the trouble spot. It certainly saves the time of running back and forth trying to determine if the spot is on the inside or outside of the glass.

Elaine, via e-mail

Clever! A favorite Heloise window-washing solution is to add 1/4 cup non-sudsing ammonia to 1 gallon water.

Put it in a spray bottle, label it and keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Also, don't wash windows when the sun is shining directly on them. The heat will cause the windows to dry too fast, resulting in streaking.

Dear Heloise:

All those plastic bags we get at grocery stores, superstores, etc., either fill our trash cans or take up space in our cabinets. I have found a simple way to keep them neat. Take an empty facial-tissue box, straighten out the bag, fold it the long way, then in half or quarters, depending on your tissue box, and put it in the box. I keep one box under my bathroom sink for bags for the trash cans in the bathroom and bedroom.

Sally in North Carolina

Sandy from Universal City, Tex., also shared a way to store all those plastic grocery bags. She says: "I wash a plastic milk gallon jug well, and I cut a hole (about the size of a small apple) in it. Then I stuff the plastic bags inside. It holds a lot of bags and keeps them handy when I need them."

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