Monica Lewinsky is replacing Barbara Walters.

Just for one day, as co-host of daytime gabber "The View."

This Very Special Edition of ABC's "The View" will be devoted entirely to "Real Life Hot Topics" -- which is why it's so appropriate that Lewinsky guest host, since she was one Real Life Hot Topic herself back in '98, when the world found out that she was the president of the United States' service woman, and they both lied about it, and he got impeached. Good times.

In honor of the occasion, the producers have also asked soap stars Eden Riegel and Olga Sosnovska to be their guests on the show. Although they did not have oral sex with the president of the United States, they are bringing to America daytime TV's first girl-on-girl kiss on "All My Children," which is broadcast on -- what are the odds -- ABC. Such a small world, isn't it?

The gals of "The View" and Ms. Lewinsky will also discuss the pros and cons of diet pills. Lewinsky, you will recall, was briefly a spokesceleb for diet-plan company Jenny Craig.

Oddly, the producers of "The View" did not ask Lewinsky to come back and guest-host on Tuesday, when the subject will be "intern makeovers."

Barbara Walters has a very special place in her heart for Monica Lewinsky. Her first chitchat with la Lew, in 1999, to discuss her indiscretion with President Clinton, remains the most watched newsmag broadcast ever, with an average of nearly 50 million viewers.

But Lewinsky is appearing on "The View" not because she's Walters's best "get" ever, but because she will be the host of Fox's new reality series "Mr. Personality," which debuts that very evening.

"Mr. Personality" stars some chick who swallowed a large dose of Stupid Pills and decided it would be a good career move to date a bunch of guys on TV who are wearing executioner's hoods so she can focus on their personalities without their looks getting in the way. At the end of the series, she picks one, the hood comes off and she sees what she's left with. Oh, and in addition to playing host, Lewinsky will serve as this woman's confidante and adviser throughout the process. A whole bottle of Stupid Pills. Fox fans already have a taste of the dating advice Lewinsky will offer, by checking out video interviews with her on the network's "Mr. Personality" Web page.

Asked whether she thought looks or personality was more important in choosing a guy, Lewinsky said: "I don't think I could say either; power is the real aphrodisiac."

Okay, I made that up. What she really said was, "I don't think I could say either, because I think it's, well, it would probably be more personality, but it's definitely, it's about chemistry, and I think both play a part into that for me, but I would say that personality definitely has more to do with that."

She added, "I don't think looks can ever make up for a bad personality, and personality can do wonders for someone who is not the best-looking guy."

Lewinsky also revealed that she'd gone on quite a few blind dates in the past few years but that they were actually "half-blind dates" because "it's a bit unfair to me -- the guy knows what I look like." A hearty chuckle followed.

Fox also asked Lewinsky whether she had done any training to host this show. We were surprised she touched that one, but she answered that she was asked to host this show to "be myself" and "hopefully that's what I'm doing."

NBC's late-night host Jay Leno will switch places with NBC News's "Today" show host Katie Couric on May 12.

This will enable NBC News to humiliate ABC News's Diane Sawyer and CBS News's Harry Smith by beating them in the morning news ratings with a stand-up comic. Oh wait -- Harry is already humiliated; his show is losing to Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends."

The one-day switch will also enable NBC Entertainment to put out a news release on May 13 saying that Couric beat David Letterman. That will drive him nuts.

NBC can be so cold.

Monica Lewinsky, above, will sit in for Barbara Walters on ABC's "The View" hours before she debuts as host of Fox's "Mr. Personality."