It's TV Turnoff Week. (Should we not have mentioned that?) Anyway, if you're struggling to figure out how to pass the time without the tube, we have a suggestion: Take the News Quiz and send us the answers. You'll pass some time, use your brain and you might even win a KidsPost T-shirt.

1. April 15 is the deadline for filing what forms?

2. Daniel Handler, shown at right, writes tales of misfortune under this name.

3. To whom did Gary Paulsen dedicate his book "How Angel Peterson Got His Name"?

4. How long did the longest game in baseball history last (in innings)?

Send your completed quiz -- with name, age, address and phone number -- to: April 22 News Quiz, KidsPost, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071, or fax it to: 202-496-3780, or e-mail it (with "April 22 News Quiz" in the subject field) to We'll pick three winners from all the correct entries we receive by April 26. This week's prizes: a KidsPost T-shirt, plus a bonus goodie.

Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Saddam Hussein.

2. Keratin. 3. 50 cents to $1. 4. Anime.

Winners: Sarah Boluda, 11, Bowie; Maggie Rosenbaum, 10, Reston; Connor Simmons, 9, Clifton.

* You can print out the KidsPost News Quiz from the Web -- and read the articles that reveal the answers. Just go to