Cicadas, Snakeheads:

The Buzz of Summer

* Just as the first legions of red-eyed cicadas were crawling forth from their 17-year hiding yesterday, came this news: Another voracious northern snakehead has turned up, this time on the Virginia side of the Potomac.

Eeeek! The animal kingdom is taking over! We are outnumbered by the billions, surrounded by . . . hmm . . . what to call these pesky creatures? Cicadaheads!

We were expecting the cicadas, with their high-decibel mating rituals. We'd had years to ready ourselves: Ear plugs had been purchased by some, vacations planned by others, recipes prepared by still others.

The snakehead, though, is a horde of a different color. In its relentless search for New World sushi, it ambushed us in Crofton two years ago, Wheaton last month and near Mount Vernon on Friday. Yes, in the very waters where George Washington once swam!

Only one snakehead was found in the Potomac tributary. Even so, biologists worry that the bizarre fish -- which can slither on land as well as swim -- could eat its way right through native fish populations if unchecked.

Want a solution? We've got a few very hungry snakeheads and gazillions of nutritious cicadas. You figure it out.

If you can't beat them, join them.