The Shopper column in the May 13 Style section gave the wrong last name for the fashion director at Maxim magazine. His name is Stan Williams, not Stan Thomas. (Published 5/15/04)

If seersucker feels primeval -- think again. The familiar striped and crinkled cotton is back this season with more colors, shapes and options. The traditionally loose seersucker blazer now has a streamlined fit. Garnet Hill's jacket includes a notched collar and oversize buttons.

"Seersucker is such a timeless and classic fabric," says Jenna Lyons, vice president of J. Crew women's design. "We love to update it by introducing new silhouettes and more modern styles like a seersucker strapless dress or a string bikini."

Even traditionalist Lilly Pulitzer has turned seersucker into sexy camisoles and miniskirts. But even at its most flirtatious, seersucker still delivers the neat appearance that this season warrants. "There's a whole renaissance of tailored clothing," says Stan Thomas, fashion director at Maxim magazine. The combination of classic and contemporary is alluring. No wonder we're suckers for it.

-- Janelle Erlichman

Shaped seersucker jacket with oversize buttons, $98 at Pulitzer camisole ($114) and miniskirt ($105) at Tickled Pink, 7259 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda. Christopher Deane rainbow dress, $235 at Betsy Fisher, 1224 Connecticut Ave. NW. Herbert Designs bag, $60 at Shoe Fly, 2620 N. Wilson Blvd., Arlington, and Nana, 1534 U St. NW. Isaac Mizrahi skirt, $23.99 at Target. Men's khaki seersucker trousers, $78 at local J. Crew stores or