Boy, Oh Boy:

More Video Games

* Decisions, decisions.

Would you rather play with video games or traditional toys? For boys, the answer is a resounding VIDEO GAMES, according to a survey of nearly 3,000 kids and their parents. Girls seem to split their time pretty evenly between video games and more old-fashioned toys such as dolls, games, puzzles and building sets.

Kids ages 5 to 12 spend about 4.2 hours a week playing video games, the NPD Group report said. (Think now, how much time do you spend doing thumb aerobics?) As boys get older, ages 9 to 12, they spend more and more time playing video games and less and less time with action figures and stuff. Girls continue to split their time pretty evenly, the report said.

Boys will put down the GameBoy for sports toys and other outdoor toys, the report said. But when kids can't get outside and play, they opt for the screen. Kids who live in northern and central states (where snow days are common) spend a lot more time with video games in the winter, the study found.

Correction: "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" is rated PG, not PG-13. The rating was reported incorrectly in yesterday's KidsPost.

Boys just want to have fun: Jarred

Wise, left, and Tyler Davidson play video football in Oklahoma.