About 50 readers participated in our annual

scavenger hunt to find 20 items in the April 13 newspaper.

Three girls (including two sisters working as a team) got all the answers right. Congratulations to Ciara Corcoran, 9, of Oakton and Anne and Bridgit Donnelly, 12 and 15, of Arlington!

Many contestants were intrepid finders. For example,

our clue "Silver Star" was meant to direct readers to Page C9,

where the Silver Spring theater runs an ad, but several readers found Silver Star as a company in the stock listings.

That's the way to hunt! Unfortunately, "127th year"

tripped up many searchers. Lots of you thought we

meant the White House Easter Egg Roll, but we really

meant the 127th year of The Washington Post.

Thanks to everyone who entered. The girls win KidsPost T-shirts and a summer toy prize package. Here are the clues and the pages where they were found:

1. 31 cents: A1, A2, E6

2. The Inside scoop on the news: A1, A2

3. Learning: A8, B5

4. washingtonpost.com: A1, A2, A3, A15, B8, C7

5. Rolling at the White House: A1, B1, B3, C14

6. Toles-story: A18

7. The District: B2, B3

8. Million: A1, B2, E5

9. A wireless phone: A7, C4, D3

10. Saturday: B8, D2

11. A Reliable Source: C3

12. Dora the Explorer: C6

13. A Marc-ed man: B1, B7

14. A Silver Star: B2, C9, E8

15. Can you do the Foxtrot? C12

16. A Wizard: C11, D5

17. Pups and kittens: C14, D11

18. A note from the Treasury: E1

19. 127th year (of what?): A1

20. Politics: A10, A19