U.S. Defense Secretary

Visits Prison in Iraq

* U.S. soldiers in Iraq got a surprise visit yesterday.

Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld made a 15-hour flight to Baghdad, where he told soldiers, "You're going to be proud of your work" in Iraq.

Rumsfeld was in Iraq largely because of the controversy and anger over the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at a facility run by the U.S. military. Rumsfeld took a tour of the prison, called Abu Ghraib. Pictures that have become public in the last few weeks show some members of the military abusing prisoners. Nearly 4,000 Iraqi prisoners are held at the prison, but there are plans to cut that number at least in half in the next month.

Rumsfeld told the troops that the actions of some of the soldiers at the prison were upsetting and un-American. "It doesn't represent America. It doesn't represent American values. It doesn't represent the values of you here in this room," he said.

Rumsfeld is in charge of the military and the war in Iraq. Some Democratic members of Congress have called on him to quit because of abuse of prisoners, but this week President Bush said he wanted Rumsfeld to stay in his job.

Donald H. Rumsfeld greets military personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison.