Iraq's Governing Council

President Is Killed

* The president of Iraq's Governing Council was killed in a car bombing in Baghdad yesterday.

The assassination of Izzedine Salim comes just weeks before the U.S. military is to give up some control of Iraq to the Governing Council. That handover of power, which is set to take place June 30, is a step toward letting the Iraqi people run their own government. Right now, U.S. troops are in charge of the things that governments normally take care of, such as police, transportation and courts.

At least 10 other Iraqis were killed in the explosion. President Bush's spokesman said that the Iraqi people deserve to live in the kind of democracy Salim was working to bring them.

Bidding for Dino Bones

Nearly Extinct

* How much is a T. rex worth? Less than expected, it turns out. Fossil bones from what is believed to be the first Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered sold at auction Sunday for $93,250. Some people thought the bones would sell for $900,000. The dinosaur is nicknamed "Barnum" because the bones were discovered in 1900 by Barnum Brown.

Big bones discovered in 1900 didn't bring big bucks.