U.S. Soldier Sentenced

To One Year in Prison

* Army Specialist Jeremy C. Sivits was sentenced yesterday to a year in prison for his part in the abuse of Iraqis in custody in Baghdad.

Six other U.S. soldiers face charges in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, which is still being investigated. Sivits, 24, was the first of the seven to go on trial. He pleaded guilty to four abuse charges and tearfully apologized to the Iraqi people. "I should have protected those detainees," he said.

The judge also ordered a reduction in rank for Sivits and a bad-conduct discharge from the Army.

It was the harshest possible penalty, but some Iraqis protested that it was not enough.

In Sivits's home town, Hyndman, Pennsylvania, friends held a rally for him Tuesday night. They said he is being forced to take the blame for mistakes by his superiors.

The top two U.S. military commanders in the Persian Gulf and Iraq, Army Gen. John P. Abizaid and Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, testified before a Senate panel in Washington yesterday. Sanchez said the mistreatment will be investigated up to the highest levels, "and that includes me."

Cub Scouts in Pennsylvania are among people who gathered Tuesday in support of Jeremy C. Sivits, shown in a court sketch.