10 and Older

"New York Minute" (PG). Bankable, perennially perky twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in trifling feature as sibs who resolve differences during Manhattan misadventure. Giggly sexual innuendo iffy for under-10s, with twins in bath towel and robe around cute guys; implied nudity; toilet humor; racial stereotypes; dog put in comic peril; scary snake; fight; car chase; theme about loss of parent.

PG-13s, Unrated Documentary

"Breakin' All the Rules." Jamie Foxx as magazine editor who writes bestseller about how to break up with lovers; romantic confusion ensues between him, a cousin (Morris Chestnut), cousin's girlfriend (Gabrielle Union) and his former boss (Peter MacNicol) in comedy with clever premise that never quite jells; also glamorizes dishonesty in relationships. Adult sexual innuendo, with tasteless gag about old man who asks therapist to touch his privates; couples in bed kissing, modest undress; drinking; rare profanity; dog given booze. Not for middle-schoolers.

"Van Helsing." Effects-laden monster epic plays like nifty theme-park ride in fairly thrilling, relatively bloodless, if deafening, style; marred by endless finale of monster-vs.-human smackdowns. Hugh Jackman as Bram Stoker's vampire-killer takes on Dracula (Richard Roxburgh), Frankenstein monster (Shuler Hensley), others; Kate Beckinsale as fighting Transylvanian damsel. Impalings, severed limbs, gross morphings into werewolves; gargoylish vampire babies; muted sexual innuendo. Not for the timid, phobic or preteens.

"Super Size Me" (Unrated). Morgan Spurlock's entertaining, disturbing journal chronicles deterioration of his health in month he spent gorging on McDonald's meals; witty nonfiction film should entertain, perhaps wake up high schoolers to fast-food foibles. Graphic discussion of depressed sex drive briefly puts film on outer edge of PG-13. Profanity, vomiting, video of stomach surgery. Iffy for middle-schoolers.

"Mean Girls." Lindsay Lohan in sunny turn as girl home-schooled in Africa who enters real jungle of suburban American high school in wickedly on-target comedy with heart; Rachel McAdams as evil cool girl queen, screenwriter Tina Fey as math teacher. Abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, condoms spoofed; tampon joke; nonexplicit sexual situation with partial undress; misogynistic, homophobic slurs; bus-pedestrian accident; drinking. Iffy for middle-schoolers.


"Troy." Brad Pitt looks fine but lacks grandiosity as Greek warrior Achilles in occasionally thrilling, but confusing, over-long and unpoetic conflation of Homer's "Iliad," "Odyssey" and Virgil's "Aeneid" in epic that, with computer effects, makes Greek landing at Troy rival D-Day; Peter O'Toole as Troy's King Priam, Orlando Bloom as his lustful son Paris, Eric Bana as warrior son Hector. Battles show impalings but little gore; in moment reminiscent of current events, Achilles drags body of Hector for all to see; understated sexual situations -- implied nudity; Agamemnon's (Brian Cox) men threaten girl with hot poker; mild verbal sexual innuendo. High schoolers into legend.

"Man on Fire." Denzel Washington stars as former agent-assassin who reconnects with his humanity guarding a wealthy child (Dakota Fanning); she's abducted, he wreaks bloody vengeance in distasteful thriller. Depiction of torture (cut off fingers, ears), shootings, explosions, suicide; photos of kidnapped, injured children; strong profanity; muted sexual innuendo; drinking, smoking. 17 and older.