More a product of giddy Hollywood than the gassy swamp, everybody's favorite green ogre returns to the screen in "Shrek 2," a fast-paced, laugh-packed sequel that sends up not just fairy tales but films as disparate as "From Here to Eternity" and "Mission: Impossible." See review on Page 45.

-- Michael O'Sullivan


New York's Scissor Sisters could be America's answer to the Darkness, smartly (and humorously) retooling such '70s and '80s pop classicists as Elton John, the Bee Gees, David Bowie and the Pet Shop Boys. Already known for a quirky discofied reading of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" and a scintillating stage show that's equal parts glam rock and burlesque, the Sisters' upcoming debut (already released in England, out here in July) has been getting major raves and sounds like a future greatest-hits collection. Catch them at an early show debut at the 9:30 club on Friday and get in on the ground floor. Call 202-393-0930.

-- Richard Harrington


Join the youngsters of Tappers With Attitude and their older sister troupe, Step Aside, to celebrate National Tap Dance Day Saturday at 6 at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Stocton Von "Brother" Black, who made his Washington debut in 1947, will be honored for his long-standing commitment to keeping tap a vital part of the local dance landscape. Call 202-467-4600.

-- Lisa Traiger


On Saturday, "Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio: Community Architecture" opens at the National Building Museum. The exhibition, which focuses on the innovative building designs made by Auburn University architecture students for the residents of rural Hale County, Ala., includes -- along with models, photographs and sketchbooks of buildings utilizing recycled and reclaimed material -- an actual prototypical structure made from discarded carpet yarn. Call 202-272-2448.

-- Michael O'Sullivan

The lovable green ogre is back in "Shrek 2."