You know you're in trouble when that 10-page paper due tomorrow is just an outline with some gobbledygook holding space where research and finely crafted writing are supposed to go. On the bright side, maybe aliens will attack before it's due.

* Kids' WB -- that's Channel 50 in the D.C. area -- is making its first live-action movie, "Zolar," scheduled to air Saturday at 10 a.m. It's about three extreme- sport athletes who discover that their new teammate is from outer space. An early version I watched last week still needed major work. The producers hope lots of planned special effects will make you overlook the lack of research and fine writing. On the bright side, maybe the dog will eat it before it's due.

* "Speed Racer" was one of the coolest cartoons of the 1960s, and it's finally making its way to DVD. Volume 2 has episodes 12-23. Special packaging blinks the headlights of the Mach-5 race car on the box and plays the theme song. "Go, Speed Racer, Goooo!"

* It's time for the "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" countdown. Video games for PCs and GameBoy Advance come out this week. Games for other platforms are due next week. There's also a new Carmen Sandiego game for various platforms. GBA owners also might check the new Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Sonic Advance 3.

-- Scott Moore

"Zolar": Phone home. Your project

needs work.