The Names & Faces column in the May 27 Style section incorrectly called "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert a Boston native. He is from Buffalo. (Published 5/28/04)

The Boston Globe's Sleep-Up

It all began when the Boston Globe ran an article Tuesday saying Boston College graduates were napping during their commencement ceremonies, with a photo of said napping. Unfortunately, Tim Russert's commencement speech was the focus of the story. Matt Drudge saw the two together and posted it on his Web site with the headline "School Daze: Grads Snooze Through Tim Russert Commencement Speech," creating a ruckus.

"We voiced our disappointment and questioned the paper's judgment with the editor and ombudsman, and the editor has apologized," Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn told us. "The picture was completely misrepresentative of the event speech." Dunn said the Class of 2004 was wowed by Russert, a Boston native whose son will enter Boston College in the fall.

"Tim Russert gave an excellent commencement speech," Dunn declared. "It was well received, interrupted on several occasions with applause" -- eight times, we hear -- "and ended with a standing ovation."

Globe editor Marty Baron told us yesterday: "I do think it's regrettable that we ran that photo and I think it's not the appropriate photo to select.

"Typically at any graduation there are going to be kids who fall asleep, and as amusing a photo it might have been, it was inappropriately placed and inappropriately used."

Raising Bucks for Yuks

So, you're a movie star stuck on the set of "The Wedding Crashers" on the Eastern Shore over Memorial Day weekend. What do you do? Well, when you're Vince Vaughn: Get your Tinseltown buddies to fly out and throw a fundraiser in nearby Dewey Beach, Del. Eureka!

Vaughn's "Outlaws of Stand-Up Comedy" is bringing comics Brett Ernst, Ahmed Ahmed, Sam Tripoli and Sebastian -- who frequent Los Angeles' famed Comedy Store -- to the Bottle & Cork Saturday. Proceeds from the $10 ticket price will go to the Army Emergency Relief organization, "in the spirit of Memorial Day," Vaughn told us yesterday. Also slated to co-host is Vaughn's partner-in-crime Jon Favreau. "Me and Fav might even hang out afterwards," Vaughn said casually. (Could it be a "Swingers" reunion?)

"It starts at 8:30. Not 8:45, not 9 o'clock," Vaughn warned. "First come, first served."

And for those who didn't get a glimpse of the "Wedding Crashers" stars filming in Washington a few weeks back, cast and crew return in two weeks. May the stalking (aka the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson watch) resume!

Technical Difficulties

Speaking of movies, the war against movie piracy marches on, though sometimes it stumbles. Studios have been using night-vision goggles at film premieres over the past year, hoping to catch audience members videotaping the screen and later uploading the movie onto the Internet or selling bootleg DVDs and videotapes.

At Monday night's American Film Institute premiere of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" at the Majestic 20 theaters in Silver Spring (another tribute to outgoing Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti, who has made movie piracy his Topic A), a notice appeared on-screen before the film began, warning against such videotaping. Ah, but it lacked teeth: About 10 minutes into the film, two guards were seen in the back of the theater, fumbling with their goggles, trying to figure out how they worked.

End Notes

Richard Simmons is off the hook -- the assault charges have been dropped, Phoenix police say. In March, he slapped Christopher Farney, a cage fighter, after Farney allegedly made a sarcastic remark about the flamboyant exercise guru at an airport. Lawyers say a private settlement was reached.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

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Tim Russert, host of "Meet the Press," actually received repeated ovations with his speech, Boston College says.