The NBA playoffs are getting serious. The NHL is ready to hand out the Stanley Cup. And Smarty Jones is making a run for the Triple Crown. What, you say you prefer Quidditch? Oh, well.

* "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" hits theaters on Friday. It's year three at Hogwarts for Harry. Sirius Black has escaped from the wizards' prison. And, well, you know. . . . Good luck keeping up with all the twists if you haven't read the book. The special effects are sure to thrill. And endlessly debating the merits of the book vs. the movie is half the fun.

* "Catch That Kid" goes on sale Tuesday. It doesn't have the hype or star appeal, but many folks liked this adventure as much as "Spy Kids" and "Agent Cody Banks." The DVD includes eight extra scenes and the funny Academy Award-nominated short "Gone Nutty."

* Big week for gamers:

The newest Potter title is available on additional platforms. And there are lots of other cool releases: "Pikmin 2" on GameCube, and "Legend of Zelda," "Spyro Orange" and "Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage" on GameBoy Advance. GBA owners also can use the device to watch "Jimmy Neutron Vol. 1," four cartoon episodes.

-- Scott Moore

Kristen Stewart in "Catch That Kid."