Iraqi Government

Has a New Leader

* The people of Iraq have a new president.

The naming of Ghazi Yawar, who went to school at George Washington University in the District, is an important step in letting the Iraqi people run their own government.

The U.S. military is pretty much running Iraq, but that is supposed to change starting June 30. That's when the United States will turn over some control to the new government with Yawar as president.

Yawar is expected to have support from the Iraqi people because he is the head of one of Iraq's largest tribes, which includes both Sunni and Shiite Muslims. The two groups often don't get along in Iraq, but Yawar may be able to change that.

The new government will get about 1,000 people together for a meeting to choose a national council of about 100 people. That council will help run the government until the Iraqi people are allowed to hold elections next year.

A big question: Will the Iraqi people trust the new government, or will they see it as being run by the United States?

Much of the violence in Iraq since the major war ended has been because Iraqis don't want the United States -- or anyone else -- running their country.

Ghazi Yawar has a degree from George Washington University.