The two highest-profile summer tours belong to Madonna (MCI Center, June 13 and 14) and Prince (MCI Center, Aug. 12,13 and 14), both of whom are building shows around their greatest hits, giving the people what they want. Madonna's "Re-Invention Tour" is a million-dollar extravaganza with a lot of costume changes, an electric chair, and a lot of political sentiment and antiwar statements, including a cover of John Lennon's "Imagine."

Meanwhile, Prince's "Musicology" tour is supposedly the last one on which he'll be doing many of his classic hits, and fans should know that because of spiritual concerns as a Jehovah's Witness, he's not doing his salacious oldies. But that leaves a lot of material in this, the 20th anniversary of "Purple Rain."

For its June 11 co-bill at Nissan Pavilion with Blink-182, No Doubt has drafted a song list that pretty much coincides with its recent "Greatest Hits" album. The looming question is whether this could be No Doubt's farewell tour, since Gwen Stefani is working on a solo album. Nobody's talking.

Prince is back and playing more than 20 years of favorites.