The Royal Treatment

Next time you visit the king of Jordan, we know exactly what you can bring him as a gift: Domino's pizzas.

When King Abdullah was visiting Washington in May, he asked for 14 pizzas to take back to Amman, U.S. News & World Report's Paul Bedard reports in his Washington Whispers column. His embassy called two stores, one in Crystal City and the other in Georgetown, with varying instructions. The Crystal City order was to be cooled before being boxed so they could remain fresh. (Good call -- soggy pizzas are the worst.) The Georgetown branch was asked to include "five times the sausage," according to a Domino's rep. The Secret Service picked them up, paid the $180 tab and left the king's $80 tip.

And there's no stopping Abdullah's cravings. Just last week he sent his personal jet to retrieve five more. He's the king of the country; can't he open his own chain?

A Kennedy Conflict

If you didn't see Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) among the high-profile mourners at Ronald Reagan's funeral yesterday, that's because, well, he wasn't there.

His stepdaughter, Caroline Raclin -- "who as far as the senator is concerned is one of his daughters," says spokesman David Smith -- graduated from Maret School (just a few blocks from the Washington National Cathedral) on Friday morning at 10, an hour before Reagan's funeral.

"As you most likely know, the senator spoke on the Senate floor and attended the service on Wednesday evening and paid his respects in the Rotunda and gave Mrs. Reagan a very personal note," Smith told us. "He wanted to be at the funeral but also wanted to be at his daughter's graduation. . . . He has an enormous amount of sympathy for what Mrs. Reagan is going through."

The Latest From Splitsville

Calling it quits:

* Rush Limbaugh's third marriage is ending, he announced yesterday. He and wife Marta "mutually decided to end their marriage of 10 years," a statement from Limbaugh's publicist declared, adding that they "separated pending an amicable resolution." It's also the third marriage for Marta, 44.

* "Mini-Me" is getting a mini-divorce. Verne Troyer -- who became famous in the "Austin Powers" film series as Dr. Evil's 2-foot-8 protege -- originally claimed that he was not married to aspiring Playboy model Genevieve Gowman. Ah, but the 5-foot-6 beauty has documents that prove otherwise. The two, according to court documents obtained by Reuters, were married in January. Troyer filed for an annulment in February, claiming "unsound mind" and "fraud." In March, divorce papers citing "irreconcilable differences" were filed. Gowman is seeking spousal support. A hearing is set for Thursday.

Noted . . .

Meryl Streep was given a Lifetime Achievement Award in Hollywood on Thursday night from the American Film Institute. Nora Ephron, Jim Carrey, Goldie Hawn, Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine all came in tribute. "She plays all of us better than we play ourselves," Ephron said . . . Katharine Hepburn's bronze bust of her longtime love Spencer Tracy sold for $316,000 yesterday during the multiday auction of the late actress's estate. The anonymous bidder called in by phone. It "came down to two determined bidders on the phone who bid very slowly and deliberately," a Sotheby's spokesman said.

. . . and Quoted

"I don't hike, I don't ski, I don't fish . . . I would if you could catch conservatives. I wouldn't throw them back so fast, either. I'd let them flop around on the deck for a while."

-- Comedian Larry David, in Rolling Stone.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports