Dear Heloise:

Here's a suggestion to readers facing chemotherapy and possible hair loss: The American Cancer Society maintains wig rooms in most areas of the country where people can go to borrow, for the duration of their need, a wig that meets their purposes (so they don't have to purchase wigs). A helpful volunteer assists the cancer patient in a private room where a wide selection of wigs is available. Patients may try on, using a wig liner, as many of the freshly cleaned wigs as desired. When finished with the wig, they simply return it.

I had bought a wig that I didn't end up liking with my coloring before learning about this, and later donated it when I returned the borrowed wig. I also donated wig liners that I had bought. All such donations are appreciated and help build inventory. People disposing of wigs they no longer use should consider donating them.

Jeanne Noble,

breast cancer survivor

Lebanon, Va.

Jeanne, when one of my assistants called to check with you about printing your full name, you said that if your experience can help others, you will be happy. Well, thank you for telling us about this wonderful service and reminding my readers to donate no-longer-used wigs. Just call an American Cancer Society location for donation instructions.

Dear Heloise:

For a good, smooth rise on bread dough -- both the initial rise of the whole lump and the second rise after dividing and shaping it into loaves -- I use nonstick cooking spray.

After spraying the bowl or loaf pans, and before putting a damp towel on top, I spray some more of the cooking spray on top of the dough. The oil keeps the exposed topside of the dough conditioned and elastic, even more than the water moisture from the towel does.

Steve Snyder, Dallas

Dear Heloise:

I accidentally dropped a glass bottle on a cement steppingstone inlaid with small rocks. After carefully picking up the larger pieces, I got out the masking tape. The sticky side was perfect for picking up the tiny shards. Mission accomplished, with no cut fingers.

Arlene Louden

Laguna Beach, Calif.

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