Can Lemonade Help Cure Cancer?

* Sometimes little people can make a big difference.

Alexandra Scott is 8 and battling a very bad cancer. She wants to raise $1 million for cancer research by selling lemonade, one glass at a time.

Alex, who lives in Pennsylvania, started her lemonade campaign four years ago. But sales really soared last weekend with the opening of an estimated 500 lemonade stands across the country.

Some stands raised as little as $10 in one day, others as much as $15,000. The one in Alex's home town took in $37,000.

When all the money is counted, Alex's mom thinks the event will have raised more than $225,000. Added to what she previously raised, that puts Alex more than halfway toward her goal. "She's still shooting for that million dollars," Liz Scott told KidsPost.

To find out more, visit Alex's Web site:

No Change

For Pledge

* The Pledge of Allegiance is not getting a word change -- for now. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the phrase "one nation under God" will remain in the pledge, recited every day in thousands of classrooms.

A California father wanted the words "under God" removed, but the court ruled that the man could not sue because he does not have the legal authority to speak for his daughter.

Alexandra Scott, left, is trying to raise $1 million. Sam Robinson worked a lemonade stand in Minnesota.