The dizzying buzz has died down.

Your dog probably can no longer find a favorite treat. You can't even make parents or little siblings shriek with

a flick of your finger anymore.

The Great Cicada Invasion of 2004

is just about over. Since we won't be able to celebrate cicadas for another 17 years (quick, how old will you be when they come out again?), KidsPost wants to give the cicadas a proper goodbye. Thanks to readers who sent in pictures of cicadas molting, cicada cakes, cicada jewelry, kissing cicadas, even cicada flags. And special thanks to Cori and Annika Mayer of Bethesda, who counted 5,108 shells in their back yard.

Cicadas, we'll miss you (or maybe not). See you in 17 years.

1. Washington's Esther Chavannes,

6, added cicada

wings and shells

to her painting.

2. Cicada got your tongue? Well, we won't be getting

any lip from 9-year-old

Zoli Molnar

of Arlington. 3. Arlington's Maddie Cordell, 8, with help from family and friends, found this cicada leaving its exoskeleton.

4. Fairfax's Julia Mead, 8, loves cicadas -- she's kissing this one, not eating it.5. Oak Hill's Bryan and Daniel Malyn, 11 and 9, made jewelry after dipping cicada shells in Mod Podge.

6. Takoma Park's Tyler Moulton, 13, keeps his eyes on the bug. 7. In Vienna, five kids made a flag of exoskeletons and created a giant cicada for a neighborhood parade. Front row, from left, Ian Russiello, 7, and Eric Michelsen, 7. Back row: Daniel Nappi, 12, Shannon Michelsen, 10, and Andrew Russiello, 9.