Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, thick, skinny, bold or subtle -- kind of like dads.

"Whether you plan to get Dad a polo shirt, button-down or boxers for Father's Day, striped styles are incredibly popular this season," says Gap's Erica Archambault. "Stripes are a perennial favorite in men's clothing because they offer a fresh, tailored and masculine look."

"Stripes have a long history from ancient war paint and the military tradition of earning one's stripes, to the classic detailing of vintage airplanes and sports cars, all the way up to today's athletic gear," says April Bukofser, public relations director of J. Fold wallets. "Stripes have always been a very strong symbol with overtones of raw power and extreme speed."

Two of Dad's favorite things.

-- Janelle Erlichman Diamond

From top: Jack Spade cotton ties, $65 at Kate Spade, 3061 M St. NW. Striped polo in cayenne, $39.50 at Eddie Bauer stores or Art of Shaving After-Shave Gel ($34) and Pre-Shave Oil ($22) at, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Club Room by Charter Club blue and white polo, $36 at JCPenney. Yellow classic button-down shirt ($42) and orange boxers ($6.99) at Gap. J. Fold Roadster wallets, $39.50 (non-perforated) and $45 (perforated) at South Moon Under stores and Spade silk tie, $85 at Kate Spade.