Angelina Jolie, Envisioning A Pint-Size United Nations

"I'm the most tattooed person probably in Washington," Angelina Jolie told us yesterday, but you couldn't tell from the proper way she was dressed for her continuing role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador dedicated to helping refugees. Famed for impassioned love affairs and wild antics (e.g., swapping vials of blood with her second, and now former, husband Billy Bob Thornton), the actress visited the National Geographic Society to launch World Refugee Day with one of her big fans -- Secretary of State Colin Powell -- and to announce that she's donating $500,000 to provide attorneys for child refugees who arrive in the United States without parents.

"Some have walked, some have taken boats," Jolie explained in an interview. "Some also were children that were trafficked." From the stage, Powell said, "We are so thankful that there are beautiful souls like Angelina who so selflessly turn their compassion into action and not just words."

Last week, Jolie, 29, was in Chad to assist those fleeing civil war and ethnic cleansing in Sudan's Dafur region. Backstage, she talked about wanting to adopt siblings for son Maddox, 3, whom she adopted from Cambodia.

"I don't know when. I don't know how many children," she told us. "I could realize at three [kids] that I can only handle three as a single mother. I might be fortunate to fall in love and get married and realize that, with the help of a partner, I could adopt more." Her goal: "Having under the same roof Arab, Asian, European, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian [children]. And I'm curious as to how I'm going to manage that, but I think it's what the world kind of should be."

Reagan & D.C. at Close Quarters?

* Will Ronald Reagan get a coin before the District of Columbia does? Based on the alacrity with which lawmakers and commentators have jumped on the cause to put his face on a dime or half dollar (or a 10-spot), it sure seems that way.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has been trying to get a quarter for the District since 1998, when Congress decided that each state could have a 25-cent piece with a unique design on the back (territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico also were excluded). Legislation to give the District its quarter has passed the House three times, but it never gets anywhere in the Senate. "We hope to get it through the Senate this time," Norton's spokeswoman, Doxie McCoy, told us this week.

But maybe this isn't a matter of fairness or national unity, as Norton has eloquently argued. It's a matter of timing and political will. So we're offering our two bits: Forget about a D.C. coin with a cuddly panda or blossoming cherry tree on its reverse. Go with the Gipper!

Illinois's quarter boasts, "Land of Lincoln." Why not "Washington: Former Home of President Reagan"?

At Cafe Milano, Dinner Party Politics

* Heads swiveled when Vice President Cheney and wife Lynne unexpectedly strolled into Georgetown's Cafe Milano for dinner Tuesday night. Among the gawkers: Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, dining with four donors.

Mrs. Veep smiled, our source reports, and explained to the maitre d': "We were just in the neighborhood. I hope you have a table for us." A table was found in the Domingo Room on the restaurant's left-hand side. McAuliffe and party were in the main dining room, on the right. (Go figure.) Never one to shrink from opportunity, a chuckling McAuliffe scribbled a note to the Cheneys and asked the waiter to deliver it. His message: "First drink is on me. Good luck with the campaign."

We asked the Cheneys for comment yesterday on the across-the-aisle gesture but didn't hear back.

Beefcake Bonanza

Too much information: Turns out everyone in Washington but us had stashed away a copy of the 1972 Harvard Lampoon parody of Cosmo with its centerfold showing Henry Kissinger's head attached to a nude body. Several readers pitched in with Lampoons after we reported yesterday that Condi Rice wasn't the only national security aide in history to be morphed into a sexier look (in a TV ad last week for "The Stepford Wives"). The faked Kissinger photo, credited in the mag to "Daniel Ellsberg," ran with a profile that highlighted the dating habits of "this bewitching Berliner . . . this amorous ambassador." An American University foreign policy graduate student told us her prof still has the pinup on his wall: "Every time I meet with my professor, that picture just haunts me."


* People magazine unveils its "50 Hottest Bachelors" issue tomorrow and, yes ladies, a Washingtonian made the list: Jim Wilkinson, 33, who has the very impressive title of deputy national security adviser for communications (we call him a flack). Condi Rice's spin doctor -- who's also penned a screenplay about dating in D.C. appropriately called "So Who Do You Work For" -- told the mag: "I'm a great catch. Think of all the background checks I've been through." Also on the list is -- surprise, surprise -- John Kerry's stepson, Chris Heinz, 31.

With Anne Schroeder