The Sawbuck Stops Here

Hey, all you members of Congress out there, take note: Ron Reagan says his late father wouldn't have wanted to be on the $10 bill.

Reagan told NBC's Chris Matthews, in an interview that airs on "Dateline" tonight: "I spoke to my mother again about this on the way back to the house after the Friday, the final day. And she said she didn't support that at all and . . . that he wouldn't. He would never have wanted to bump another president off of a currency to put himself on. That's very un-him, you know." (Not to mention that Alexander Hamilton is un-presidential.)

Madonna, the Biblical Star

Last week we said Madonna was taking the title of her "Reinvention Tour" literally when it was reported that she implemented a "cursing fine" for her entourage, at five bucks a pop. (Remember the David Letterman episode when she cursed on live television more than a dozen times?) But this week, Madonna really is reinventing herself -- she now has a new name, Esther, the Hebrew name she's chosen as a dedicated follower of Kabala. (Esther, in the Old Testament, was the queen of Persia, and her name happens to mean . . . star.)

"I was named after my mother. My mother died when she was very young, of cancer, and . . . I wanted to attach myself to another name," she told ABC's "20/20." "This is in no way a negation of who my mother is. . . . I wanted to attach myself to the energy of a different name."

Noted . . .

Proving once again that she will stop at nothing to keep her name in the air, reality TV's "it" villain, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, has come out with her own 900 number. (And people say she's an operator!) Now you, too, can plunk down $3.95 a minute to listen to a recording of Miss O. offering her know-how about getting on TV. "It's called the Omarosa Diva Line," she tells People mag. "It's for those who love me and love to hate me" . . . What is going on in the world? First Madonna cleans up her act and now Alanis Morissette is giddy-in-love and engaged? She's known for her dark and edgy songs -- anthems, really -- about troubled relationships, but the Queen of Angst has swallowed her jagged little pill and checked her bitterness at the door. (Yes, it is ironic.) The 30-year-old Canadian rocker said yes to 27-year-old actor and fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds -- he starred in the movie "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" -- reports Us Weekly. "I hate the word 'fiance,' " says Morissette. "I've called him my partner before, but people presume that I'm a lesbian. I like 'husband.' It rolls off the tongue" . . . This probably won't come as a surprise to many, but the most recent "Bachelor," New York Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer, and his final rose, Jessica Bowlin, are throwing in the towel on the relationship they cultivated in reality-TV land, reports "Extra." "Too much distance and too little time," the 22-year-old California law student says of the breakup. And Palmer? "We simply realized that, individually, our next steps can take us in different directions" . . . Now brace yourselves, but Courtney Love, who practically lives inside a courtroom as of late, has postponed touring this summer to focus on her continuing legal travails. (Tragic, we know, but considering one of her recent live performances involved throwing -- and allegedly hitting -- a fan with a microphone stand, this could be viewed as a safer move) . . . Thousands of mourners -- some toting their favorite LPs, others quietly weeping -- stopped by the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday from noon to 8 p.m. to pay their respects to Ray Charles, reports The Post's William Booth. The beloved musician's funeral is today.

. . . and Quoted

"I'd date him."

-- "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" fashionista Carson Kressley, turning a lustful eye on New York's single, multimillionaire head of the city, Michael Bloomberg, as reported by the New York Daily News.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports

Ron Reagan speaking at his father's burial service last Friday. He says the former president would not have wanted his face on the $10 bill.