Dear Heloise:

I am a big advocate of ordering things online! When I find something I would like to buy, I ALWAYS check if that online store has a coupon code.

I do this by going to a search engine and typing in the name of the store and the words "coupon code." I almost always get a link back with a current coupon code I can use and therefore save money. Try it out!

Raquel Thiebes, via e-mail

Raquel, you taught this old Web hound a new trick! There are several great coupons for different department-store Web sites. Thanks for this money-saving information. Also, do a search for "online coupons" for more Web sites with coupons!

Dear Heloise:

When trying a new wine, I scan the bottle on my printer/scanner (you can do it with the scanner lid partially open) and leave the price label on if it's visible. This gives me a copy of the label and all the info on the wine (variety, year, importer, etc.), and plenty of room to write comments, where I bought it, etc. The paper can be hole-punched and put into a wine journal notebook for future reference. Much easier than trying to remove the labels in one piece.

Reamy Ancarrow


Dear Heloise:

Through the years, my friends and I have given many showers and graduation parties for one another's children. Sending out the invitations is usually my job.

I have started providing the honoree with a printout listing each person who was invited, with a space for recording that person's gift.

It is particularly helpful for the bridesmaid or whoever is writing down the gifts, who might not be familiar with the names of all the guests.

Barbara Tripp, via e-mail

Barbara, how clever!

This list would also be good for keeping track of RSVPs and thank you notes.

A quick check mark next to the name is all it takes!

Dear Heloise:

When the foil wrapper sticks to a bouillon cube, I remove all of the foil that I can and place the cube in a tea ball. When the bouillon dissolves, the bits of foil are left inside the tea ball.

Donna Gardner

Ventura, Calif.

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