Song in Heart, Money in Pocket

There's a whole lotta singing goin' on for politicos these days.

First, Isaac Hayes serenaded Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and Rep. Don Payne (D-N.J.) at the "Evening of Soul With Isaac Hayes" fundraiser here on Wednesday night, honoring the two lawmakers for their humanitarian efforts in Africa. Hayes smoothly crooned a new, reworded version of his hit "Theme From Shaft":

Who is the man from the Garden State

Who urged Rwanda to love not hate

Don, Don Payne . . .

They say this Senator Frist is a brave mother -- shut your mouth

I'm talking about Bill

And you can dig it.

And, on the left coast, we have Barbra Streisand changing up her version of "People" during a fundraising concert for John Kerry on Thursday night, according to The Post's Lois Romano. Babs's riff (which we hear she wrote herself) aims at Bush big-leaguers, including Donald Rumsfeld:

People, I mean G-O-People

Who'd believe there's such people in the world

Now Rumsfeld, we must get rid of Rumsfeld

He's the spookiest person in the world

But things are gonna be great, just wait

When the White House stationery

Reads President John Kerry

We'll be the luckiest people in the world

And who said politics couldn't be poetic?

Adding to His Rap Sheet

Rapper/actor DMX, arrested Thursday night after police said he and another man tried to steal a car from a Kennedy Airport parking lot, was later hospitalized after he appeared "zoned out," Newsday reports.

Police said the rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, and Jackie Hudgins crashed Simmons's SUV into a parking lot gate, and then tried to take another car, with Simmons allegedly telling the driver he was an FBI agent.

Police reportedly recovered a billy club, crack cocaine and the drug depakote, often prescribed for bipolar disorder, from Simmons's vehicle. Police sources told Newsday that Simmons was apparently mixing the drugs with alcohol.

Simmons and Hudgins were charged with possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance. Simmons also faces several other charges.

Noted . . .

No oops this time: Britney Spears has plans to marry. Again. Just six months after her out-of-the-blue 55-hour Vegas nuptials to childhood pal Jason Alexander were annulled, her rep confirmed to People mag that the 22-year-old pop tart is engaged to her current dancer-boyfriend, Kevin Federline . . . Local bobblehead guy John Edgell is at it again. Despite being slapped with a lawsuit from the Governator's private lawyers after making the Arnold Schwarzenegger bobblehead doll (the suited Guv is gripping an AK-47), Edgell is making yet another Ahnuld doll. He's hoping to have the "groping Arnold" ready to roll by the end of July, "just in time for the conventions," he says. Now that will be a collector's item . . . Speaking of conventions, the nonprofit, nonpartisan Creative Coalition has lined up its talent roster for fundraising galas this summer: The Red Hot Chili Peppers will play at the Dems' Boston bash on July 28, and the Max Weinberg 7 (think Springsteen's drummer, with his own band) will do the honors for the GOP in New York on Aug. 31.

. . . and Quoted

"I saw those pictures of Brad Pitt. That's all airbrushed in, you know. He's a nice guy, but he's a wimp."

-- Val Kilmer, expressing his views on his "True Romance" co-star Brad Pitt's newly buff physique, as reported by the World Entertainment News Network.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports

Barbra Streisand, singing a familiar tune at a John Kerry fundraiser Thursday in L.A.DMX: Booked, but not for a flight.