Forty years ago, I was a 19-year-old student at Howard University. I rode the streetcar along Florida Avenue and walked up the hill to Howard on Georgia Avenue. I took a logic course in Douglass Hall. I was saddened there was a war going on in Vietnam.

Today I'm a professor at Howard. I teach logic in the same room in Douglass Hall where I took that course four decades ago. I ride the Metro to the Shaw/Howard University station and walk up the hill on Georgia Avenue. I'm saddened there is a war going on.

Richard A. Jones


In World War II, I was a soldier at a stateside Army camp holding German and Italian prisoners of war. They worked in the mess halls and laundry. One day I drew guard duty. A sergeant gave me an unloaded rifle and instructions: "Do nothing. Stay with them. They won't run away. They're luckier than you are. They're out of the war." The sergeant was right. Later I went overseas with an infantry division.

Murray Spitzer


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