Let's start with Winchell Mink's name. Fink, stink, dink, pink. There are lots of nasty names a bully could rhyme with Mink. Now, why would a bully pick on Winchell Mink? Well, his first name is Winchell and his last name is Mink. Sometimes a bully doesn't need more of a reason.

So with bullies on Winchell's case, it's probably not surprising that his best friend is his box turtle, named Hannibal. What is surprising is just about everything else in this funny, silly and (in the end) really nice book.

Winchell trades bodies with Hannibal. Winchell battles a five-headed donkey. Winchell meets somebody named Bobby Plungerbutt. Winchell even plays a game that's a lot like baseball with a team of dinosaurs.

Here's an excerpt from that part of the book: " 'Did you forget today's game or what?' roared the brachiosaurus. . . . 'The most important game of the season and you're just standing around like you're stuck in some tar pit. You want those stinkin' carnivores to win by forfeit?' "

We know you don't really know what this book is about yet, but you know you really want to read it, don't you?