A Billion Pages of Bill Clinton

Quick! Hurry! Only 1.6 million copies of Bill Clinton's "My Life" are left, and it's only been on sale a week.

That's right, nearly a million copies have been sold since last Tuesday, when the book was officially released. "It's a certainty -- we just don't know what day it will be," said the publisher's spokesman, Paul Bogaards, of reaching the mil mark. In one day the book doubled the record of biggest debut for a nonfiction book, originally held by that other Clinton: Hillary. (What happens when Chelsea jumps on the book-writing bandwagon?)

The nearly 1,000-page book is already in its third printing.

Georgetown's Hottest Dinner

Michael Moore's blockbuster-hit-in-a-day isn't having a huge effect just at the box office. It seems Washingtonians are making an entire evening of the current "Fahrenheit 9/11" mania. The movie -- which debuted as the weekend's top-grossing film after taking in $23.9 million, making it the first time a documentary has come in at No. 1 -- is also attracting more customers to the restaurant in the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton hotel, neighbor of the Georgetown Loews theater showing the flick. Why? It's all in the name: "Fahrenheit."

Moviegoers are making it "dinner and a movie theme night," says Ritz rep Colleen Evans. "Absolutely what it is in a nutshell is that people are curious.

"It's a nonpartisan restaurant, I might add."

No Secrets (Almost)

She may never tell us who inspired her mega-hit "You're So Vain" (even if the general consensus is that it's Warren Beatty), but Carly Simon has no problem whatsoever letting everyone in on her secret to having a successful marriage.

The 59-year-old songstress clearly learned a thing or two from her first union, with James Taylor, and says that what's kept her marriage to poet Jim Hart going for more than 17 years is . . . the two don't live in the same house. They do, however, live on the same island: Both have places on Martha's Vineyard. "We're still married and still love each other," she says in an interview with Reader's Digest. "Maybe we'll actually find some way of living under the same roof together in a different environment."

Noted . . .

America's favorite game show host, Bob Barker, joined the ranks of Katie Couric and Dan Rather when all three were inducted to the Academy of Television and Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame on Saturday in Los Angeles. Said the 80-year-old "Price Is Right" impresario -- who has been prompting the show's giddy participants for more than 30 years now: "They may in the future induct people who deserve it more than I" -- oh, Bob, not too many future inductees will be able to rattle off the price of a can of corn with such panache -- "but they will never induct anyone who appreciates this honor more than I" . . . Collecting art is one thing, but getting awarded for it? Diane Keaton took home the Utah Governor's Award for Devotion to the Arts because of her fine appreciation for western works (i.e. she collects them). "I am very honored to be here," Keaton said at the ceremony last week in Salt Lake City, which was celebrating the new Museum of Utah History and Art there. "I'm thrilled that some of those artists, who have slipped through the cracks, will find a home in Utah." And if not, there's always Keaton's home . . . That mighty Aphrodite Mira Sorvino is now a married woman. The Oscar-winning 36-year-old got hitched to her 22-year-old actor beau, Christopher Backus, on June 11, her rep recently confirmed.

. . . and Quoted

"People would still like to see Paris Hilton rather than Paris, France."

-- Veteran TV journalist Barbara Walters, telling a marketing conference that America is celebrity-obsessed.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports

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Separate houses have helped keep singer Carly Simon and her husband together.A week after its release, Bill Clinton's "My Life" is on the verge of selling a million copies.