Someone Stole Seahorse

By the Seashore

* Keep an eye out for a stolen seahorse.

You won't have any trouble recognizing it: It weighs about 70 pounds; at 6 feet 4, it's taller than the average man; and it's covered with glowing yellow stars on a swirly blue-and-white night sky. Somehow, last week, somebody twisted the big fiberglass statue off its base, in front of Adam's Ribs Restaurant in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

"It really is like stealing from kids," said Melissa Daman, events coordinator for Annmarie Garden in Solomons, a public sculpture park that is one of the sponsors of the Seahorse Project.

The statue (modeled after Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting) was one of 25 painted by Calvert County schoolchildren that were put on display this summer. (KidsPost wrote about the project earlier this year.)

The seahorse reported stolen on Friday was named "Starfish" by the Calvert Middle School students who painted it. Seahorses by the Bay was intended to educate people about seahorses and celebrate the county's 350th anniversary. Organizers plan to auction the statues in November and give the money to arts programs in county schools.

Anyone with information about "Starfish" can call the Calvert County Sheriff's Office at 410-535-2800. Annmarie Garden promises a reward for the seahorse's return.

Said Daman: "We're hoping somebody will rat their friend out!"

Dogs May Sense Kids' Epileptic Seizures

* Dogs have long been regarded as man's best friend, but now it seems that a dog may be an epileptic child's best friend, too.

Among households in which a child has epilepsy, a brain disorder that leads to seizures, about 20 percent report that the family dog knows that a seizure is coming.

Responses from the 122 families that participated in a survey show how protective the dogs can be of children in trouble.

* A sheltie-spitz mixed breed sits on a child before a drop attack, a seizure that causes an epileptic to fall to the ground.

* An Akita keeps a girl away from the stairs 15 minutes before a seizure.

Scientists think dogs may be able to sense tiny changes in a how a child looks or smells before a seizure.

"Starfish" was reported missing Friday.