The Book

"From the Mixed-Up Files of

Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler"

by E. L. Konigsburg

Here's a book your parents might have fond memories of. It's about a 12-year-old girl named Claudia who is feeling kind of overlooked. So she talks her 8-year-old brother, Jamie, the one with money and common sense, into running away with her -- to New York City's magnificent old Metropolitan Museum of Art. They hide out in the bathrooms, sleep in an exhibit room, bathe in the fountain and uncover an incredible secret.

This Newbery Medal-winning novel was written in 1967, and some of it couldn't happen now, with increased security. (Running away, even to someplace as wonderful as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, probably isn't a good idea.) But Claudia and Jamie's feelings seem fresh today. The story is a grand adventure, and if you go to New York you'll have a lot of fun visiting the museum, and trying to imagine Claudia and Jamie sneaking around its corridors.

-- Elizabeth Chang

For a brochure about the book and the museum, go to museumkids.htm, then click on the link under "Printed Family Guides."