The Naked Truth

Stop the presses! Or should we say start the presses? Washingtonienne, that 26-year-old infamous former Hill staffer who grabbed everyone's attention by blogging each nitty-gritty detail of her sexual escapades with six men, not only has a six-figure book deal anchored with Hyperion Disney, but the rumor that she'll be posing for Playboy mag is true, too! (November issue, for those interested.)

Naturally, Jessica Cutler's tome will be titled "The Washingtonienne" and will be classified as a novel. (Yes, fiction. Then again, you write what you know, correct?) Carlisle & Co. -- her book agents -- confirmed this info yesterday, but said Cutler will not be talking to the media until the book is published next year.

A Reel Conspiracy

Michael Moore's Bush-bashing "Fahrenheit 9/11" has been making people's (fine, Republicans') temperature rise since before its premiere. And Wednesday night at the Reston Multiplex Cinemas was no different: About 30 people stormed out, loudly stomping up the aisles and trying to rally others to join their premature exit, reports Post contributor Buzz McClain.

This time it was not because of politics, but rather because the theater flubbed a showing of the film: The movie was running with the sound off, the lights on and a shrill Jessica Simpson song playing loudly through the speakers, while onscreen President Bush was being sworn in. It seems that after the commercials and previews, a projectionist pushed the wrong button, and when the film came on the lights and music came up with it. It remained that way for 10 minutes despite efforts by the audience to draw attention to the problem.

Refunds were given, as the besieged and highly apologetic manager reminded the moviegoers: "It's not a VCR; you can't rewind it."

One patron was overheard offering his own conspiracy theory: "I hear this happens at every showing. Republicans own the movie chain."

Hey, It's a Free Meal

And, in the fifteen-thousand-bucks-can-buy-you-a-lot-but-not-dinner-with-Tony Bennett scene, there is justice in the world of charity events! The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday that D.C. man Gary Pusateri forked over 15 grand (for the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins Hospital) to have dinner with the one and only crooner at a charity event Saturday -- but, alas, the two were served on different floors of the Baltimore restaurant.

Then it was Bennett to the rescue! Apparently unaware in advance of the whole switch, the legendary singer demanded that Pusateri get his money back. "The decision to auction off a post-show dinner with the singer was made without Mr. Bennett's approval or knowledge," said manager/son Danny Bennett in a statement.

Johns Hopkins spokesman Gary Stephenson told us yesterday: "We're refunding him the money. It was a misunderstanding and a miscommunication. As it turns out, we didn't even process the charge, so we just simply negated it, so he's not having it taken out of his account for that. It is quite embarrassing, frankly."

Noted . . .

One would think that as neo-con editor of the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol would rather eat his shoelaces than ask a favor of Bill Clinton. Ahh, not so, he tells GQ mag. Answering the question "What could you use Bill Clinton for right now?" the Fox News contributor chirped: "He's such a great salesman, I've got to think that he could help persuade businesses to advertise in the Weekly Standard. He could certainly testify convincingly to our considerable (though pernicious) influence." Clinton schlepping for the Weekly Standard: Now that'd be a sight! The ball's in your court, Bubba.

. . . and Quoted

"I wasn't really drunk. I was just over-served."

-- Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell, offering his view of his drunk-driving charge, which resulted in 10 nights in jail, to "Access Hollywood."

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports

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Jessica Cutler was fired from her Senate job after her X-rated Web log drew attention.