Saddam Hussein Has First Day in Court

* People around the world yesterday got their first look at former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein since he was captured in December.

Hussein was taken to an Iraqi court and told that he would be charged with crimes for the torture that occurred while he led Iraq for more than 20 years.

But Hussein didn't seem pleased with the proceedings or with being a prisoner. "I am Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq," he said twice, in Arabic. He also wagged his finger at the judge and refused to sign papers saying what his crimes were.

Human rights groups believe that more than 300,000 Iraqis died under orders of Hussein or people who worked for him. His invasion of Kuwait in 1990 led to the Persian Gulf War.

A trial for Hussein is probably months away. He is still being guarded by U.S. troops, but he is under the control of the new Iraqi government that took office on Monday.

Spacecraft Runs Rings Around Saturn

* Imagine a trip that takes seven years and covers 2 billion miles. How many times would you have said, "Are we there yet?"

But yesterday the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft arrived at its destination after its journey to the ringed planet Saturn.

For much of the trip that began in 1997, Cassini was cruising along at 12,000 miles per hour. But in the final minutes of the ship's approach to Saturn late Wednesday, it was locked in Saturn's gravity and traveled at more than 50,000 miles per hour.

Cassini is scheduled to spend at least four years circling the planet, its rings and moons, collecting data and sending back pictures.

The scientists who have worked for years on the mission celebrated yesterday. Charles Elachi, a member of the Cassini radar team, said, "It feels awfully good to be in orbit around the lord of the rings."

Saddam Hussein shows anger in court.A new view of Saturn's rings.