When you least expect it . . .

* Wouldn't it be funny to pull tricks on kids and watch on hidden cameras? Well, not really. But that doesn't stop "Skunked TV," the newest Discovery Kids on NBC series (Saturday at 11 a.m. on Channel 4). Madai Zaldivar and Chuck Cureau set up hoaxes at zoos and aquariums. A few ideas are sort of amusing: They get people to hold a fishing rod in a fish tank, and they tell kids that the rhino they "adopted" is going home to live with them. But all of the gags go on waayy too long, and the editing style is as annoying as the hosts. I do like the "skunked" hat, though.

* Future sleepover video: Middle-school girls probably will appreciate "Sleepover," coming to theaters. "Spy Kid" Alexa Vega is among the stars.

* This is not your father's Batman: Volume 1 of WB's "Batman -- The Animated Series" is out this week on DVD.

* Gamers, here's the sitch: If you liked the first release, be advised that "Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise" is arriving on GBA.

-- Scott Moore

What's that smell? "Skunked TV" hosts Madai Zaldivar and Chuck Cureau.