Fresh Fish Find Is Millions of Years Old

* Move over snakeheads.

Brazilian scientists have discovered a species of fish, related to sharks, that has been swimming the seas since dinosaurs walked the earth.

The fish is a kind of chimaera, or ratfish. The species is 12 inches to 16 inches long, has large, wing-like fins, a whip-like tail and exposed nerves along its body that help it navigate in the deep, dark waters where it lives.

The fish was first found by fishermen off the southern coast of Brazil in 2001. Scientists realized it was a species they had never found before and began dredging the bottom of the ocean to find more.

The ratfish, called Hydrolagus mattallansi, probably dates back 150 million to 180 million years ago, according to scientist Jules Soto. "It's like if we had an animal as old as the Tyrannosaurus rex still alive," he said.

The fish's skeleton is largely made of cartilage, like sharks and rays.

Dogs? Oh, Poo!

* If you are vacationing in Italy this summer, you'd better leave Rover at home.

The city of Treviso, in northern Italy not far from Venice, is banning dogs from parts of the city center. In about a dozen streets and squares in the city, no dogs will be allowed as part of a six-month test.

The reason? Poop.

Residents who don't own dogs have been complaining for years about stepping in dog do. City officials also said that dogs doing their business damaged some of the city's oldest buildings.

Dogs will still be permitted in other parts of Treviso, but owners will face a fine of $628 if they don't clean up after them.

Scientists think this species of ratfish has survived 150 million years.