Kerry Chooses Edwards As Running Mate

* Sen. John F. Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president, has picked his running mate, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

This doesn't mean that Edwards and Kerry are going to jog together a lot. It means that if Kerry is elected president in November, Edwards will become vice president.

John Edwards really wanted to be president. He ran against Kerry and other Democratic candidates to try to win the nomination earlier this year.

Edwards made millions of dollars as a lawyer before being elected to the Senate in 1998. But he wasn't always rich; his father worked in a factory in North Carolina. When he was campaigning, Edwards talked about "two Americas" -- one for the wealthy and one for the rest of the people -- and said he wanted there to be just one America.

When Kerry announced his choice for vice president in Pittsburgh yesterday, he said: "I am so proud that together John Edwards and I are now going to fight to build one America for all Americans."

Why does it matter who might be vice president? Well, if anything happens to the president, the vice president becomes president. Forty-six men (no women) have been vice president, and nine of them became president because the president died or resigned.

Americans will vote for president and vice president on Nov. 2. They will choose between President Bush and Vice President Cheney, who are Republicans, and Kerry and Edwards. Between now and then, the Democrats and the Republicans will each have a convention where Bush and Kerry are formally selected to run. The Democratic convention is this month in Boston; the Republican convention is in August in New York.

That's the Democratic ticket: John Edwards and John F. Kerry in February.John Edwards as a boy, pictured on a baseball card he gave to supporters during the presidential primaries.