I'm getting married this summer for the second time. This time I am older, perhaps wiser, and twice as scared. Anyone who has survived a difficult divorce knows the courage required to walk down that aisle again. I told myself "never again." I told myself that I didn't need to be married to be happy. But this time, I know more about myself, my dreams and my blind spots. I know that marriage requires you to jump in with both feet, despite the risks. I'm walking down that aisle again. My knees will be shaking, but watch me go.

Martha Davies


Occasionally I trip and fall at the curb. I have MS. I turn to Mary for her loving support.

"Have you been hanging out in sewers again?"

"I don't do sewers, Mary. Only gutters."

"Okay, my little Gutter Girl, starting now, wear nail polish. Then, if you find yourself in a gutter, people will assume you don't belong there."

I've yet to put on nail polish, and I haven't had an additional gutter incident. But it's only a matter of time. I'll polish my nails this weekend.

Patricia Cissel

Silver Spring

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