Bringing It Home

The characters in "The Absolutely True Story . . . " were as excited about the way they were traveling to Yellowstone -- by motor home -- as they were about the destination.

Travel by recreational vehicle (or RV, another term for motor homes or camping trailers) is getting more popular, says Ken Sommer of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association in Reston. "Families with children are the big customers right now," Sommer said. Kids like RV travel because it makes the trips seem shorter: Along with watching the scenery, they can read (often without headaches), write, watch TV and play games.

The neat thing about motor homes is that you can "live and travel at the same time," says 12-year-old Sophie Kinkead of Potomac. They are equipped with beds, kitchens and bathrooms. Sophie and her sisters took an RV trip a few summers ago from Kentucky to Colorado. Conley, 14, enjoyed not having to pack and unpack every day. Sophie thought it was especially cool that the kitchen table and benches turned into a bed. And Marley, 9, liked not having to eat at restaurants and being able to stay in her pajamas if she felt like it!

Motor homes can make travel fun.